Nick Cannon's beef with Eminem has placed him in the crosshairs of every artist that's associated with Marshall. This includes past and present Shady Records members like 50 Cent. Although he hasn't shied away from confrontation with Fif, Cannon does lament the fact he has to slap box with one of his idols. 

Shortly after his feud with Em was rekindled, Nick dropped a mixtape called The Miseducation of the Negro You Love to Hate. On the tape there's a track titled "Used To Look Up To You." Some people thought this was directed towards Eminem. But during an appearance on VladTV, Nick explained that the idols-turned-rivals track was aimed at 50 Cent. 

"'Used to Look Up to You, N**gas' and 'I Know What It Is' are more about 50 and a lot of these other rappers," Cannon said at the clip's 3:22 minute-mark. Cannon went on to confirm that the lines: "N**gas out here tweeting like they been a savage/Used to look up to you/Dick riding little Marshall Mathers" was "cleary about 50." 

Despite throwing jabs back at 50 Cent, Nick Cannon isn't down with the idea of beefing with people that look like you. "You'll never see me tear another black man down," Cannon said.

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