Nick Cannon and Eminem's beef came back in full force last year, with the two going back and forth on record and off. In Cannon's third diss song, "Canceled: Invitation," he sampled an old pre-fame Em track that saw him rap, "Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb," asserted that Em was racist, and compared him to the KKK.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, he's revisiting that resurfaced record of Em's. "Very racist, beyond racist," Cannon said when the unearthed track was brought up. "If you listen to the entire song, it's clearly a song where he's blatantly disrespecting black queens. Not beating around the bush, what he said is, 'Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb. They only want your money.'" Vlad added that he heard from sources there were more early songs from Eminem with questionable content, to which Cannon replied, "Yeah, where he's saying n***a and all that shit."

Vlad alleged that Interscope Records had to step in at this point in order to "buy these guys out," but Cannon said he doesn't "give a fuck" because "that one alone should be enough." Cannon said that it's disappointing to see how people have defended the track, which he added could have resulted in someone else being "canceled" in the current sociopolitical climate.

"You know what the defense was? 'He already apologized for that,'" he continued. "Probably the weakest apology ever, 'I was young and I had a black girlfriend who cheated on me and I was mad.' ... He's sorry for his individual racism, definitely, I believe he's sorry for saying for the things he said when he was younger. But he's not sorry for institutional racism, because he's a product of it."

In another portion of the interview, Cannon made the accusation that Eminem had been getting extensive work done to his face. "Eminem doesn't look the same as the way he once looked," Cannon said. "The proof is in the pudding. It could be the years of drug use. You know, we don't want to make fun of none of that. It seems like he's on the right path but something going on. His shit's getting tighter and tighter as the years go by."

Watch the clip discussing Eminem's controversial resurfaced record above.