Nick Cannon has just dropped his third diss directed at Eminem, and it extensively samples an early track from Em himself. Not only does the song feature numerous instances of Eminem apologizing for some of his more offensive content, but it actually samples an old pre-fame song of his.

Cannon has made use of one of these songs, fashioning it into a sort of hook for his own diss. Following the two-minute intro, Cannon declares that Em is "canceled" as a sample of a young Marshall raps, "Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb." The track was quickly made private after its public upload went live, but was later shared with TMZ as a dramatic music video showing Cannon in the studio.

Cannon goes on to call Eminem "racist" and compares him to the KKK. "I have to put my motherfucking turban/Outside your motherfucking suburban home/Protesting with AKs and guns/Our queens don't need your racist song."

On his Twitter, Cannon indicated that "Canceled: Invitation" concludes a trilogy of Eminem diss songs. The track follows the release of "The Invitation" and "Pray For Him."

"Canceled: Invitation" ends with a longer section of the unreleased Em track. "Blacks and whites they sometimes mix/But black girls only want your money 'cause they're dumb chicks/Don't date a black girl/If you do it once you won't do it twice/Black girls are dumb, and white girls are good chicks," the song concludes. 

Eminem and Nick Cannon have been fueding again recently, with their decade-old beef reignited after Em took some shots at Cannon on Fat Joe's "Lord Above." After Em didn't respond to either of the diss tracks, instead throwing out a couple of tweets, Cannon declared himself the winner of the beef.