UPDATED 2/18, 5:04 p.m. ET: Looks like it was candy and not crickets that Meek dared his son to eat. 

Mannn that shit was from the candy store lol complex not this https://t.co/c7y1AzrIBY

— Meek Mill (@MeekMill) February 18, 2020

See original story below. 

In news that will no doubt be splattered across the front pages of papers for the next several weeks as updates and information continues to pour in, Meek Mill offered his son $1,000 to eat four crickets. At $250 a cricket, well, it really makes all our dads look poor by comparison.

According to this pay-walled New York Times article, crickets are delicacies in a large chunk of the planet, which is the fancy way of saying follow his caption's advice and don't call child services. They got real problems. Anyway, it's already taken you longer to read this fill-in text than this video will to watch (by, like, a considerable amount), so without further adieu scroll down to see Meek's child make $1,000 in just slightly more time than it takes Jeff Bezos to make $1,000:

In comparison with headlines that include Meek "responding to haters" (following a video from Quentin Miller), getting into back-and-forths with Nicki Minaj (on both social media and in real-life), spending money to get your kid to eat bugs is a relatively wholesome activity and story to be involved with. 

Plus, yeah, don't call it a slow news day. Everyone already knows.