Continuing one of his most memorably active album promo campaigns in years, Lil Wayne dropped in on Tonight Show headquarters Wednesday night for a performance of a Funeral highlight.

Up top, catch footage of Weezy's pretty fucking perfect (and notably energetic) performance of "Dreams," complete with assistance from The Roots. 

Wayne also joined host Jimmy Fallon, as well as fellow guests Claire Danes and Lana Condor, for a round of Virtual Reality Pictionary in which he was tasked with drawing Harry Potter:

The Funeral era previously saw Weezy vastly improving an episode of the usually tepid Masked Singer on Fox. In the post-Super Bowl season premiere, Weezy was revealed to be the artist behind the robot whose cover of a Lenny Kravitz staple somehow baffled the judges.

"I always hear everybody that does the show always talk about being how it is being behind the mask and all that," Weezy, whilst still partially in costume as the robot, later said of the experience. "And how they feel by not being seen and having to go throughout a few days or whatever being, you know, all that stuff. I didn't get that feeling. Only thing I felt under the mask was, like, it was heavy. It was all good but I still didn't understand being behind the mask and feeling something different. I didn't get that feeling."

Funeral, which is indeed very good, is out now.