Could it be? Is Eternal Atake, the long-teased (and presumably exceptional) new album from Lil Uzi Vert, actually imminent?

During a recent Instagram Live session, it does indeed sound remarkably as if Uzi is shouting "Eternal Atake! Two weeks!" while riding in a car that's hitting 94 miles per hour.

And though no such release date has been confirmed, the possible "Two weeks!" tease from Uzi notably arrives just after he responded to an understandably Eternal Atake-craving fan who challenged him to drop the new album before Rihanna drops her latest:

Cautious stokedness, of course, is strongly advised. After all, fans have previously been convinced the end of the road was near, only to find themselves thrust back onto it. Still, the excitement (and disbelief) levels—as expected—are peaking:

In an ideal world, this thing will boast 666 tracks and make good on all that previous Marilyn Manson teasery.