Pastor Troy, for some reason, decided to weigh in on this year's Grammys ceremony with a hateful message in which he affirmed his own homophobia and theorized that his attire preferences are what prevent him from winning awards.

When sharing an impeccable photo of Grammy winner Lil Nas X on Wednesday, Troy said he "won't be winning a Grammy" if "this what I gotta wear." From there, he relayed an experience he had with his son at Applebee's in which—in addition to having to eat at Applebee's—they were subjected to two people enjoying mozzarella sticks.

In a video shared to his IG hours later, Troy doubled down by using a homophobic slur. "It worked," he said. "It worked perfectly 'cos now all these f****ts on my page and they wanna fight me."

Lil Nas X was quick to respond to Troy's out-of-nowhere comments, reminding the world just how unmatched his attire was that evening in Los Angeles:

X fans and general social commentators have also stepped in, defending X and others against Troy's rhetoric:

Anyway, X had a very good Grammys night, complete with a Diplo-featuring performance and the release of the official "Rodeo" remix featuring Nas.