Last year, landmark drama Top Boy made an unimaginably triumphant return to our screens, six years after it was axed by Channel 4 and two years after its revival was originally announced.

The original announcement promised two series of 10 episodes and it appears Netflix are making good on the second half of that promise as Drake confirms the show's return later this year. 

In a recent Instagram post, GRM Daily asked: "Will we see a new series in 2020?", to which Drake replied: "Of course". And with that, the rumour mill fired up and we all started speculating on who would return and what direction the story would take.

Though details remain under wraps for now, it looks as if Ashley Walters, Kano and Micheal Ward will be returning as Dushane, Sully and Jamie, respectively, but beyond that there'll almost certainly be some big surprises. 

Top Boy's showrunner, Ronan Bennett, told Metro: "We have our core and we have the characters and the world, but we also want to refresh it with staying true to what our fans love about the show, but also expanding the world and surprising them. That's the ambition going forward."

Who do you think will return? And what really happened to Dris?