Blueface applauded 6ix9ine's ex-bodyguards for making a "smart" decision.

During a recent conversation with TMZ, Blueface said that bodyguards are practicing self-preservation by not working with 6ix9ine

"That's a smart bodyguard," Blueface said. "That's life or death. Fuck all the talent. That's life or death."

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that 6ix9ine's former bodyguards are not interested in working for the rapper. Although they've all given various reasons as to why they want to part ways with their former client, sources claim that they all feel like no amount of money could justify them risking their lives for 6ix9ine. 

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ that 6ix9ine's ex-bodyguards feel as though he unnecessarily put them in harm's way before going to prison. Having to deal with "street politics" and other antics due to 6ix9ine's affiliation with the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods is reportedly something that they wouldn't want to navigate again. Also, 6ix9ine being labeled a "snitch" only adds to the rapper's list of enemies. 

Along with trying to find security, 6ix9ine will be hard-pressed to find collaborators. Along with commending the bodyguards for caring about their safety, Blueface also made it clear that he's not interested in working with the rapper. 

"It's over with," Blueface said when asked if he would work with 6ix9ine. "Nope."