Music industry veteran Wack 100 has been in the spotlight again recently due to his comments on the late Nipsey Hussle, but he also has some thoughts on controversial rapper 6ix9ine. Following the latter's considerably reduced two-year prison sentence on Wednesday, Wack sat down on HollyWood Unlocked to say why he thinks 6ix9ine did "nothing wrong."

"This is what going to happen to 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine’s gonna get out, he’s gonna move to Europe he’s gonna be a bigger streaming artist than before he left… In defense of 6ix9ine, 6ix9ine did nothing wrong," Wack said at the 28 minute point of the interview. He continued, "Do you blame 6ix9ine or do you blame that fucking block. They knew he was not a gangsta so why you subjecting him to gangsta shit." 

He then went on to make a weird analogy about letting a gay man into a locker room with multiple straight men, who then get angry at the gay man for looking at them. The moment is one of the numerous times Wack makes questionable comments about homosexuality in the interview. Regardless, he implied that 6ix9ine should not be held to the same standard as those raised in the streets, as he only adopted the lifestyle as a persona.

From there he also called 6ix9ine a "clown" and a "civilian," and he jumped in the comments of his own post about the interview to reiterate that he doesn't condone snitching. The commentator called Wack's analysis of the situation racist and said that 6ix9ine wouldn’t “have got this pass” if he was black. "This kid wasn’t a street kid I have photos of this kid 4 months before he blew working at the corner store," he wrote in response to someone saying 6ix9ine did do something wrong. "They exposed him to way too much. I’m against snitching I’m also against involving those that don’t live by the code being included under the code."

During the chat he also got into the recent controversy surrounding his comments about Nipsey Hussle, whom he doubted the 'legendary' status of. He made it clear he didn't want his comments to seem dispectful to Nip, and reiterated that he wasn't judging him as a person but on his music only. "I think we should factor in underground legends," he mentioned at the 39 minute point.

He also indicated that he thinks Juice WRLD isn't a legend, because he "hasn't been around long enough" even though he has "the numbers." Wack added once again that Nip was more than capable of reaching legendary status in "ten to fifteen years." 

Closer to the end of the interview, he spoke about the recent incident at Rolling Loud in which he allegedly got punched. "I had a little altercation," he said at the 43 minute point. "I got knocked out. Wack 100 got knocked out, that's as big as Donald Trump being impeached today. [...] This really what happened, so the dude I had an altercation with texted me so he spoke his piece, but I didn't really take him serious because he used to work for me."

He agreed to speak with the person, who he didn't name, and said that as soon as they met he threw a punch at Wack. "It kinda pissed me off," he said. The person then ran off after security responded, and he said the videos online only showed the second half of what went down.

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