For those interested, Monday brought the second half of T.I. and Tiny's interview with Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk team. For part two, the focus was placed on the ins and outs of a long-term relationship, with specific emphasis on how they worked through near-divorces.

Near the top of the discussion, T.I. noted that he and Tiny are "going on 20 [years] now and it's been a blast." However, they've had their issues, some of them well-documented.

"Sensitivity is left in the eye of the beholder because what I feel is sensitive may not be the same as what she feels is sensitive," T.I., who dominates the bulk of the discussion, said. "Everybody has their own levels of triggers."

Later, T.I. posited himself as a "philosopher of sorts" and said that's why he spoke publicly on marriage in a general sense amid some of their issues, an action that hurt Tiny and showed what the Red Table Talk team characterized as a lack of responsibility for his wide-reaching platform.

"I feel [I'm] somewhat of a philosopher of sorts," he said, adding that he speaks up when he feels "there is a perspective that I feel is interesting that I would like to share with people for the purpose of advancement of the generation."

Tiny, meanwhile, said what caused some of their earlier disagreements stemmed from T.I.'s time in prison and its impact on their relationship once he returned.

"What he's trying to say is I went and found my own voice . . . It wasn't what he was used to," she said. "He was used to controlling things and having things his way at all times, but once I got on my own two feet, I felt like I should have a voice too."

About halfway through the interview, Tiny expounded on additional issues, including T.I.'s previous request that she not work.

"There was no Xscape but you knew there was other things I wanted to do in music and you asked me to not work and you was gonna take care . . . and he did, he did," she said, with the interviewers then discussing how sometimes a person in a relationship may agree to something out of "love" only to later find that the agreement doesn’t work for them. Jada, specifically, compared Tiny's assessment of this aspect of the relationship to struggles she and her husband Will have faced.

Toward the end of the discussion, the couple was asked why the divorce papers were taken "off the table," prompting both Tiny and T.I. to address other relationships.

"He changed," Tiny said. "You came back as if you really wanted to work things out. You really wanted the relationship. Like, before it was kinda like 'Oh, the grass is greener over here so that's what I'm doing' until, I guess, you figured out it wasn't . . . And let's state on record I never, ever, ever, ever—on record—had sex with anyone other than you while we've been married."

Asked the same, T.I. had a different answer. "Well, I have never, ever, ever lied about this on Red Table Talk and I'm not gonna do it now," he said.

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As you'll recall, part one of the Red Table Talk interview focused on T.I.'s widely condemned comments on hymens and sexual inexperience.