Summer Walker has proven, once again, she isn't afraid to confront her critics.

On Tuesday night, the singer-songwriter shared an Instagram photo that showed off her over-the-top nails. "I'm so extra," she captioned the post along with a zany face emoji. The photo garnered more than 146,000 likes, and thousands of comments, many of which were flattering; but there was one follower who thought it'd be a good idea to criticize Walker over the look of her hands. And, no, it had nothing to do with the nail art.

"Your hands look older den u sis," the Instagram user wrote.

It didn't take too long before Walker noticed the comment and fired back.

"This is what your hands look like when you've been working had since 16, flipping burgers, scrubbing floors, & dancing," she wrote, before going in on the users. "Not sitting around on random n***a's couches all day gliding Vaseline on dicks for a bag :)"

These past several weeks haven't been exactly smooth for Walker. Though she was recently named Best New Artist at the Soul Train Music Awards, the singer has primarily made headlines for her struggles on tour. Shortly after she was criticized over her demeanor during meet-and-greets, Walker announced she was cutting a number of tour dates due to her social anxiety. She was also booed at a New Jersey event earlier this week, after she refused to perform a concert that attendees were allegedly promised.

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