Summer Walker Responds to Fans Booing Her at New Jersey Club: 'I Do Not Sing On Couches'

Summer Walker's torturous relationship with performing continues.

Summer Walker performs during the Lights On Festival

Image via Getty/Tim Mosenfelder

Summer Walker performs during the Lights On Festival

Summer Walker's torturous relationship with performing continues.

Walker was scheduled to make an appearance at the XL Nightlife in Elizabeth, New Jersey to host the official afterparty for one of her New York shows this weekend. According to The Shade Room, the club's promoter told fans that Summer Walker would perform three songs for the crowd. While she did her job of hosting the event, Walker was seemingly unaware that she had to perform. The miscommunication led fans to boo the singer for not giving them a concert.

Summer Walker got booed in Jersey & Brother Nature got packed out last night....... Last night was wild huh ?

— Woo Didders 💫 (@GokuAhki) December 7, 2019

This generated backlash from fans who assumed that this was another one of Walker's objections to performing.

That prompted her to take to Instagram where she explained that she never agreed to do a performance despite what the prompter told fans.

"Aye look, ya’ll gotta stop letting these promoters finesse y’all. I DO NOT, I REPEAT, I DO NOT sing on couches. Put some respect on my name if you would like to see me perform I’ll be at Terminal 5 on the 7th & 8th & Jimmy Fallon on the 9th, that’s where you can see me perform," Walker wrote on her Instagram story. "Thank y’all for whoever came to see me at the Jersey WALK THROUGH, I appreciate it."

The club's promoter responded by posting a now-deleted picture of the contract in an effort to show that Walker violated her agreement with the club. But, the singer insists that the contract was fake. She even threatened to sue the prompter for posting the alleged falsified document.


"Niggas posting fake contracts your getting sued. shits dead gross of you, now u bitchin on live all for some clout I’ve done over 10 walk throughs this year and did exactly that, walked through. No issue," Summer said after firing back at fans that expected her to perform for free.

"Y'all finna clock into that 9-5 and stay overtime for free? I don't think so," Summer wrote. "You go to work and do your job when your paid. The entitlement has to stop somewhere."

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