With an impressive track record that includes a string of critically-revered EPs (and an album) on Tru Thoughts and remix work for influential producers like Quantic, Manchester-born producer Werkha is back with news of a new five-track EP called The Rigour (pre-order here). In advance of its January 17 release on First Word Records, he's today revealing one of the tracks, "Generation X".

The new single is built on the solid foundations of percussive, choppy, funk-soaked electro sounds with strings from musician Simran Singh. Heaven-sent for the dancefloor but without any one particular genre that could be applied to it. Instead, it hints (alongside his comments below) at a wildly eclectic collection of tracks that showcase a stunningly adventurous artist.

Speaking with Complex via email, Werkha explained his thoughts on the EP: "Music is work. In all its different ways, it's a craft that I apply myself to and exist by. As much as that is about love, it's also about pouring in time, effort, patience & rigour. This record is about reflecting on my process and the identity of Werkha as a part of my life. 

"These tracks were selected from a much larger bunch of ideas. The tracks that made this EP are the ones where the process was playful. Play in music is so important and these tracks are the ones that best personify play and curiosity, in both their sound and in their process. They all go through the rigor of being played with, pushed and pulled in different directions..."