Iggy Azalea addresses a recent post-and-delete hinting that she and Playboi Carti have broken up. 

On Friday, Azalea took to her Instagram story and apologized for putting her personal life on social media.

"I need to make an apology. It's not my character to put out whatever business I go through in my private life on the internet for the world to comment on," the rapper wrote. "I felt very upset and I made an impulse choice I immediately regretted, but it was too late to undo. The truth is I love [Playboi Carti] very much—more than you could ever know. That's all the world should ever need to hear [I am] sorry for making something public that should have been between him & I no matter what."

Iggy's post is in response to fans thinking that she and Playboi Carti have called it quits. The couple has waded through breakup rumors in the past, but this time, these assumptions were sparked by Azalea herself. Prior to apologizing, Azalea had made an Instagram story post that read: "I'm single."

It's unclear if the couple is going through a rough patch or if they have parted ways for good. During previous situations, Carti was the one to speak out and refute these reports. He hasn't commented on this instance.