As expected, Kanye West has shared another visual off his Jesus-filled latest album, Jesus Is King.

The "Closed on Sunday" video arrived on Thanksgiving Day, just weeks after Kanye shared the "Follow God" visual, filmed at his multi-million-dollar ranch in Wyoming. It's no surprise "Closed on Sunday" would eventually get the video treatment, as it became one of the most-talked about tracks from the album—thanks in large part to its polarizing Chick-fil-A lyrical reference:

Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
You're my number one, with the lemonade
Raise our sons, train them in the faith
Through temptations, make sure they're wide awake

The Chick-fil-A name drop generated a predictable wave of discourse among listeners, as the company has quite a history of donating to anti-LGBTQ organizations. Kanye addressed the backlash during an interview with Big Boy:

You can check out the "Closed on Sunday" video above, which includes appearances by West's family and notably uses a slightly different version of the song. Additionally, Kanye and Kim's daughter North West closes out the video with her own take on the closing scene from the "Follow God" video.

The new JIK visual arrives just days after Ye debuted his Nebuchadnezzar opera to mixed reviews at the Hollywood Bowl, and less than a month before Kanye is expected to drop his Jesus Is Born album. He also announced a Jesus Is King sequel made in collaboration with Dr. Dre, but has not indicated when that project will arrive.

As is often the case, all of those announcements could lead to nothing actually being released, or everything.