UPDATED 11/12, 11:10 a.m. ET: Eminem spokesperson Dennis Dennehy stated to XXL, “This is a leak of something that’s over 10 years old. After Eminem recorded it, he scrapped it, and rewrote it. Obviously he and Rihanna have a great relationship."

UPDATED 11/11, 2:50 p.m. ET: A full version of the latest controversial Eminem leak has arrived, and the questionable lyrics weren’t only about Rihanna and Chris Brown.

In “Things Get Worse,” the rapper also delivered bars about killing then-teenage Dakota Fanning, throwing Natasha Bedingfield into a washing machine, and abusing a sex worker before leaving her “for dead.” He also found time for offensive remarks about Angelina Jolie, Carmen Electra, and Jessica Simpson.

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A snippet of a leaked verse from Eminem in which he sides with Chris Brown while seemingly talking about the assault of Rihanna has been circulating online, Insider reports. Brown pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault against the Barbadian singer, who he previously dated, in 2009.

On the leaked track, which is reportedly from the recording sessions for 2009's Relapse, Eminem raps, "Of course I side with Chris Brown, I'd beat a bitch down too." Although the song never made the final cut for Relapse, a different version of it eventually turned into B.o.B.'s 2011 track "Things Get Worse." The version that did get released, despite having no mention of Chris Brown or Rihanna, sees Eminem saying he "murdered" Dakota Fanning and "put Natasha Bedingfield in a washer." Elsewhere on "Things Get Worse," Eminem raps about Angelina Jolie, Carmen Electra, Jessica Simpson, and his mom.

The snippet in question was reportedly uploaded to Reddit with the title "(SNIPPET) Eminem - Things Get Worse (Rihanna Diss)." Eminem and Rihanna have of course collaborated on "Love The Way You Lie," "Numb," and "The Monster." 

Speaking of Eminem leaks, a collaborative Eminem and Joyner Lucas song by the name of "What If I Was Gay?" recently surfaced online. "What if I told you that I'm out of place? / Wait, what if I told you that I was gay?" Lucas raps on the song. Eminem also asks the same question on the track. "What if I told you my wish never came true? / What if I'm a hypocrite who is afraid to just face truth? / Wait, what if I told you I'm gay too?" 

ah yes eminem, the arbiter of gay rights, making a song around the plight of being gay... the same guy that called tyler a f*ggot on kamikaze and has said countless other hateful things about the gay community.... not all heroes wear capes I guess https://t.co/hs0o0FBZeL

— Dr. John Ocer; Dr. Jocer for short (@yungsadboydan2k) October 29, 2019