Just when the fad started to die down, "Top 50 Rapper" lists started to reemerge on the timeline.

Everyone from novice hip-hop listeners to T.I. are jotting down their favorite rappers in hopes of sparking outrage or generating approval. Normally, ScHoolboy Q stays away from social media sensations but the rapper decided to weigh in on this topic.

"Imagine Having a 48tH favorite rapper y’all sum fucking weirdos," ScHoolboy tweeted. He didn't stop there. The rapper went on to reminded his followers that most people that participate in things that are popular on the internet aren't fun people in real life. "Wats even better is tHe 36tH favorite rapper Like u picked 37 and was like. Boom 36," Q continued. "and arguing about sumbodies 23rd... ni**aHz ain’t got no bitcHes braH."

The fact ScHoolboy took time away from interacting with fans that want to buy his tour tickets caused a slight glitch in the regularly scheduled program. Some people took offense to ScHoolboy denouncing their hobbies. But, what they forgot was that Q is known for his jokes and has plenty of comebacks for trolls. "THis Ni**aH FasHo ain’t got no bitcHes," ScHoolboy said to a fan who said that he wasn't "top 50" or "top 500."