Playboi Carti's Friday Brooklyn show can accurately be described as a dud. Carti took the stage late an hour late and ended his short set after just five songs.

"I want everyone in this bitch to get the fuck outta here and go the fuck home," Carti says in the footage captured in the Instagram post below. "I love you, but fuck this."

Playboi Carti blamed the truncated show on technical difficulties on his Instagram Stories. His posts were defensive instead of apologetic, directing his anger at "whoever was in charge" and proclaiming that he's guarding his legacy. Read his full explanation below.

As he put it ([sic] for the whole thing):

I would never just leave you in the dark. It was not my fault. TECHNICAL DIFF[.] The whole time so I moved it back an hour then it got worst and honestly my feelings is hurt ! And I wanted to do some evil things to whoever was in charge. But I didn't. Everything still ends up my fault. I love you. IT'S OK I understand you hate Carti rn. But I will not fuck with my legacy that we BUILT!

Bitch I'm banned in UK for the same exact shit. A show had a MALFUNCTION. I blacked out [and] ended up with two assault charges. BC tec diff. And me not handeling it right. THAT SHIT HURT. I'm the most humble star ever. I really don't even put this shit in ya face enough bc I had been WEALTH. ALOT. I just make the world HAPPY. It's about u.

He also paired that message with an image of himself alongside the word "SAD." Check it all out below:

Another source of Playboi Carti fans' frustration has been been the wait for his sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red. He announced at a show last August that he's trying to release it “in the next 60 days"; we're nearing the end of that time span.  Carti's debut, Die Lit, dropped last year.