N.O.R.E becomes the latest artist to share his thoughts on Kanye West's new album, Jesus Is King.

During a conversation with Nick Cannon on Los Angeles' Power 106 radio station, the rapper bluntly described Ye's album as "trash." "Jesus Is King is trash," N.O.R.E said when asked about the album at the interview's 8:30-minute mark. "I love Kanye. I wanna be clear... How the fuck you got Clipse on a record that's not good? Jesus is mad at this n***a."

The album isn't the only problem N.O.R.E has with Kanye. The rapper feels like Ye should have sat down with more journalists that are from "the culture" during his press run. "I'ma be honest, I'm a hater. I'm kinda hater. Let me explain why. Zane Lowe is a person that I respect but I don't respect," N.O.R.E said at the 5-minute mark of the conversation. "As a person who made the War Report album, I've done records with Mariah Carey... When I see you ever go to any place other than us—the culture—I have a problem with that."

N.O.R.E went on to clarify that Kanye didn't have to specifically sit down with his Drink Champs podcast, rather he would have liked it if Yeezy would've stuck with journalists that actually understand the recording process. "I'm not mad at Zane Lowe at all. I'm more mad at Kanye," N.O.R.E explained. 

Although he might not get a Kanye interview, N.O.R.E did disclose that Drake will put his calculated tendencies aside and make an appearance on Drink Champs. "Drake told me he's scared to come to me, but Drake said he's coming," N.O.R.E continued. "He said, 'N***a, I know I can't control your interview.' He said, 'I'm too much of a n***a to know I can't control you, but I'ma come.'"

While nothing is confirmed, N.O.R.E did an interview with Pusha T right after his heated exchange with Drizzy. This in addition to their shared issues with Kanye would make for an interesting conversation.