Dave East has been expanding his portfolio this year by making major strides with both his music and acting career. Despite his success, the rapper faced a bit of a setback due to an altercation at a Las Vegas hotel. During an interview with Washington, D.C.'s The Morning Hustle, the rapper shed light on the event. 

East starts off by explaining that there were more people in the hotel room than him and the two women. When the women asked to use the restroom, East quickly remembered that his jewelry was out in the open close to the bathroom. He went to go put his jewelry away only to find one of the women trying on a bracelet that has his daughter's initials on it. "Her friend caught an attitude. 'Ain't nobody trying to steal nothing,'" East said around the interview's 12-minute mark. "First of all I ain't say nobody was trying to steal why you say that? Matter of fact y'all get y'all shit. Get out. And it went from that to bottle service. Shorty threw three bottles at me. Cut my arm, my leg, all that."

East went on to say that the women had already called the police before the incident hit its peak. The authorities heard the rapper yelling at the women, but when they arrived he was the only one with visible scratches and injuries. "It wasn't nothing. They patched me up, brought me to the little shit. Gave me a battery charge. Gave her one because they just went off the stories," East says.

He does take ownership of inviting the potential career-threatening situation into his presence. "My mistake was even chilling with them in my room at all. It all went down in my room so it looked bad. And then it's two girls claiming I'm attacking them. So when TMZ get the story what does one do to two girls?"

"A threesome," one of the interviewers replies.

"Exactly," East said.

You can watch the entire interview above.