That recurring Late Late Show segment in which public figures join the host inside an automobile to have a chat interspersed with bouts of karaoke welcomed Chance the Rapper for its latest edition. 

Near the top of the segment, James Corden asked Chance about his relationship with former POTUS Barack Obama. After recalling a phone banking internship he had with the Obama campaign years ago, Chance explained the similarities present in trying to contact Obama and JAY-Z.

"I don't have a number for him but I have a number for him," he said. "I have a person I could call that will say 'OK, I will have him call you.' It's the same with JAY-Z. JAY-Z and Barack Obama are very, very similar. Both of them have an assistant that you have to call and then you get a call from a private number that's either JAY-Z or Barack Obama on the phone. I never know which one is calling when I get that callback."

Later, Chance noted that someone he does have a "direct line" to is his frequent collaborator Kanye West. Corden then relayed a story about a late-night party invite text he once received from West, with Chance noting that he could relate very much.

"I've been in that same place," he said. "Kanye is definitely the kind of dude that'll be like, you'll meet up with him to do one thing and then he'll be like 'Oh, I gotta go to Milan right now. Let's get on this jet' and you gotta make a decision right there. Like, am I gonna follow Kanye to Milan or am I gonna go on this date that I have planned? And you'll have a whole spiritual battle for a second like, oh, what's more important?"

Chance was also asked about his general dislike of vegetables, which naturally inspired a blindfolded veggie taste test right there in the car. Catch the full thing, karaoke bits included, up top.