Casanova and controversial rapper 6ix9ine found themselves in a beef last year, but prior to 6ix9ine's incarceration, they put their differences aside. 6ix9ine even said that a Nine Trey Blood gang member was responsible for shooting Casanova, who was allegedly in a rival gang at the time, at the Barclays Center. Regardless, they performed on stage together a month later.

Following the news that 6ix9ine would testify against Nine Trey members in court, Casanova has mostly kept his mouth shut. Until now. In a new interview on Hot 97, the Brooklyn rapper has finally shared his thoughts on the situation.

"I'm not shocked at all, but I don't care," Casanova explains at the 24:30-mark of the interview. "I don't care what he doing, I don't care who he's doing it with. I don't care, because before he went to jail we was cool. I ain't got not problem. I don't care. I feel like every single person in the United States turn they back on me, especially in New York. My music went from playing every second to ‘Set Tripping’ not even playing on radio."

Explaining himself further, he added, "I feel like even the people that's calling him... Whatever they call him, shut the fuck up. Y'all was sucking his dick, pardon my language." Casanova was critical of those who were quick to abandon 6ix9ine once the word "snitch" started flying around, but he also has zero sympathy for the Nine Trey members. "All those n***as that’s with him, I don’t feel sorry for them at all," he said, before explaining that he has since left that lifestyle behind. "They went the wrong route to begin with, I did the right thing."

He continued, "The day we met up it could have went left. I would have been under the jail. I would have been finished. Done. That's how I know its meant for me to succeed I'm blessed, I believe it now." Casanova also theorized or possibly joked that 6ix9ine was "illuminati," but he didn't explain his thoughts much further than that.

Later on in the interview, Casanova spoke about how much of a troll he believes 6ix9ine was. "He took trolling to a whole nother level," he said. "When I spoke to him he was like, 'Cas, I don’t even know you...' He was speaking proper English, and I said this is really a little kid."

Ebro then chimed in with a theory of his own at the 32 minute-mark of the interview. The host said that he thought it was possible that 6ix9ine was working with the police as soon as he was busted for a video in which he had sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl. "Damn, I didn't even look at it like that," Casanova replied. "'Cause they had him under pressure then, he was already an artist then," Ebro continued.

"It would have came out if that's the case," Casanova said, rebuffing the conspiracy theory. "They was doomed before that, even without 6ix9ine." Watch the full interview above.