Blueface was arrested in February, and charged with one felony count of possession of a loaded firearm. The Blast reports his case was thrown out on Wednesday by a judge who determined that prosecutors had insufficient evidence to get a conviction.  

"Video evidence demonstrated the police misidentified Blueface possessing a gun. Justice prevails through video evidence, a fair judge and a bulldog attorney," Blueface's attorney, Alex Kessel, told TMZ after the case was tossed. "A rapper prevails on the merits of the case, not his celebrity status."

Authorities received a tip on February 1 that there were some rappers in downtown Los Angeles who were holding a lot of money and showing off their jewelry. Police claim they showed up out of concern for the rappers' safety since a number of robberies had taken place in the area. 

When the LAPD arrived, the crowd, which included Blueface and his entourage, fled with some members of the rapper's crew allegedly throwing away their guns. Blueface and two others were taken into custody, and later booked for the loaded guns that were found. He was eventually released on a $35,000 bond. 

Blueface's attorneys claimed that his arrest was the result of racial profiling, pointing to the arresting officers' history of falsifying police reports, as well as "complaints against them for racial or ethnic prejudice." Blueface also maintained that none of the guns recovered at the scene belonged to him, and was confident that surveillance footage and a lack of his fingerprints on any of the weapons would prove his innocence. 

Blueface's manager Wack 100 posted a photo of himself with the 22-year-old rapper on Instagram while still inside the court celebrating their legal victory.

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