Blueface Claims His Gun Case Was a Result of Racial Prejudice

The rapper says his arresting officers may have a history of race-based discrimination.


Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez/WireImage


Blueface isn't buying the LAPD's claims.

Back in February, the LAPD arrested the "Thotiana" rapper for felony gun possession after law enforcement reportedly received a tip about a group of rappers, including Blueface, walking around with large sums of cash. Sources told TMZ that cops arrived at the scene because they were concerned about the group's safety, as they were allegedly in an area that was prone to robberies. However, once officers arrived, the men allegedly scattered, with several of them tossing loaded firearms as they fled.

Blueface was among three men who were apprehended by police and subsequently charged with a felony that could lead to a three-year sentence behind bars. The 22-year-old rapper, who was later released on $35,000 bond, has maintained his innocence, insisting none of the recovered guns belonged to him. His legal team also says surveillance footage and a lack of fingerprints prove he was not guilty.

According to legal documents recently obtained by TMZ, Blueface and his attorneys are now claiming the Feb. 1 arrest was a result of racial profiling. Attorneys say the rapper's arresting officers may have a history of falsifying police reports, and "may have complaints against them for racial or ethnic prejudice." It's unclear if Blueface's lawyers have obtained any documents to support this claim, but the LAPD has reportedly filed documents stating the rapper has "no right to get his hands on confidential personnel files."

We'll keep you posted as more information about the case becomes available.

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