Wiz Khalifa tried to pick up the mantle of Snoop Dogg as the "weed guy" of the hip-hop world over a decade ago. This was foiled by the fact that, while Khalifa is nearly as charismatic as his stoned Doggfather, he's simply not on the same overall level. Oh, also Snoop is still around. That probably had something to do with it. 

And while you'd think being unable to become the next Snoop might leave Khalifa bitter, he's simply too happy of a guy. Instead, he got several massive tattoos of Snoop's cover art and face.     

Of course, Khalifa's doing quite a bit more these days than sitting around writing weed raps and getting tattoos of his idols. Getting Snoop's face, both as a dog cartoon character and in actual life, tattooed on his body isn't even the strangest bit of news of the Khalifa camp recently. The always-busy Wiz is releasing a line of cannabis oils in Canada, a capsule collection with A Bathing Ape, and will star in an upcoming Apple TV+ series about Emily Dickinson. It's worth noting that Khalifa plays Death, who pals around with the young poet. 

Back in a more conventional lane, Khalifa just dropped two new songs. Take a look at "Tequila Shots in the AM" and "Just Wanna Be Famous" below.

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