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It's clear Travis Scott loves releasing new merch for his projects, and it's no different for his new Netflix documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly.

The doc now has its own customizable merch where you can select your own imagery. For the release, there are four pieces ranging from T-shirts to hoodies, which can be ordered as they come, or adjusted to your taste. You can personalize your piece with a few graphics, such as “Cactus Jack” typography, a cactus plant, “Look Mom I Can Fly” motorbike and angel imagery, even a small “Movie Merch” stamp, and more. The capsule also has two standard items: a t-shirt and hoodie adorned with an angel-winged skeleton and the doc’s title, Look Mom I Can Fly.

Pieces range from $40 to $110 USD and can be purchased on Scott’s Look Mom I Can Fly website.

Scott’s documentary—which released on Aug. 28 via Netflix—cast a light on the rapper’s career-shifting year in music. The film centers on the road to releasing his Grammy-nominated album, ASTROWORLD, and the elevated stardom that ensued. 

After the doc dropped, many fans thought Scott was bitter towards Cardi B for winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album. It was later reported that Scott didn’t take it as anything personal, and was emotional because he worked really hard on ASTROWORLD and wanted to win.