A student at Illinois' Washington Community High School was given a six-day suspension after a classmate overheard him misquoting a lyric from the 2017 Future song "Draco."

In an interview with Illinois' ABC affiliate, the student's parent Brandon Porter claims his son was singing the song as he left school when he mistakenly replaced "Draco" with "AK" in the line "Draco season with the bookbag." A female student heard the erroneous lyric and felt threatened, so she reported him to school officials. 

"He was leaving class headed to the bus…they came out of one hallway, into another hallway, they all met, leaving going towards the bus…he was singing the song and she felt threatened by the song apparently, but she kept walking towards the bus or what not," Porter said.

Following an investigation by police, their findings were given to school officials who, in turn, gave Porter's son three out-of-school suspensions and three in-school suspensions. He was also banned from partaking in any extracurricular activities for the rest of the school year.   

"He didn't come out and just say, 'Hey I'm going to do this to this person or do this here at this place.’ You know what I mean?," Porter told the Central Illinois Proud. "He was singing lyrics." 

This news comes on the heels of 21-year-old University of South Alabama student Jack Aaron Christensen was charged with making a terroristic threat when he was accused of writing "kill people, burn shit, fuck school" on a "white flip chart" at his school's library. Even though the line clearly comes from the hook off the Tyler, the Creator track "Radicals," Christensen is "barred from university property" as an investigation is being conducted.