Throughout his career, French Montana has loudly projected his African roots. Yet, he feels like the country's current stance on immigration could prevent people with a similar story from achieving the American Dream. This has inspired him to become even more vocal about his life in hopes to inspire other immigrants. 

"I want to be the perfect example for these young kids that come from Africa, that come from third world countries, that come from places that have no hope and all you have is faith," French explained to TMZ. "I want to be the face of that. We got to mold that and use this platform to broadcast whatever dreams everybody got."

French Montana was born and raised in Morocco before his family immigrated to the Bronx when he was 13 years old. Despite learning English as a second language, Montana was able to build his successful rap career. He even became a naturalized citizen in June of 2018. According to French, this wouldn't have been possible without immigrating to the United States and he wants to preserve this opportunity for other people. 

"I just feel like I came from nothing and I was immigrated to this country," French said. "I would have never been 'French Montana' if I wasn't immigrated. I feel like there's a lot of French Montanas out there." Although he's willing and ready to fight for his fellow immigrants, French did tell TMZ that he's not interested in meeting with President Trump. Instead, he wants his philanthropic efforts and success to be the example that counteracts the administration's policies.

"I don't know if I would do that," French closed. "But, I'll go build a couple hospitals in Uganda and Morocco. Build schools and things that I've been doing." 

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