Stopped by TMZ's cameras at an airport on Tuesday, French Montana explained that Kanye West is "family" but he can't support him for aligning with Donald Trump. Specifically, he's upset with Trump's plan to end the DACA program.

Asked if he'll be on Kanye's new album, French responded, "I don't know yet." Unprompted, he went on to say, "But I'm not feeling what he doing with holding Trump down. I don't respect nobody who take away education from students. [Trump] took away education from millions of students. They don't have the DACA program. You know, this country was built on immigrants. Nobody's from here."

French has been outspoken about his support for the rights of undocumented immigrants in the United States. He recently teamed up with MTV and a nonprofit called Get Schooled to launch a campaign called "We Are the Dream" that aims to provide resources to undocumented immigrants and help them get higher education.

Making it clear that he supports Kanye but is adamantly against Trump, French explained, "I love Kanye, man. I guess he got an album coming out. That's my big brother, you know. That's family. I could never go against him. But I just don't respect somebody like [Trump] that deports so many people and hurts so many families and takes away education from students. They don't deserve that, there's millions of them."

Asked if he thinks the publicity around Kanye's recent comments will hurt him, French responded, "With this one, I'm not with it. I don't support Trump until he starts doing some better things." 

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, French said, "I am one of tens of thousands of first- and second-generation immigrants that are having a significant positive impact on the United States. I am excited to lead others in this fight to ensure Dreamers connect with support they need to get to college and make their American Dream come true."