In a since deleted tweet, Charlie Puth said that he would produce a song for controversial rapper 6ix9ine free of charge. "If 6ix9ine gets out and is able to make another record i'll produce it for free," Puth, who has 3 million followers, tweeted to a mostly confused reaction.

The comment didn't stay online for too long, as he deleted it less than 30 minutes later and continued to tweet as though nothing happened.

It's unclear if someone got into his account and made the comment, but fans have asked for an explanation and an apology for the tweet.

As quickly as the tweet was deleted, Puth returned to Twitter share his praise for Common's "The Light." He followed up the tweet by announcing a short a Q&A session. "Ask me something musical I got 15 min of downtime," he tweeted before answering questions. He did not, however, give any remarks about the 6ix9ine tweet.

Complex has reached out to Puth's representatives for comment.

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