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50 Cent sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the final season of Power and the spin-off Power Book II: Ghost.

During the discussion, he also spoke on the current wave of hip-hop, addressing the way fans are consuming music and how more artists are likely to disappear after one hit.

"Hip-hop is youth connected, they have a low attention span. You'll have to see way more artists come and have one hit and disappear now because of how we're consuming music," 50 said the interview's eight-minute mark. "They meet the audience before they meet the record companies and because they're not getting bumped around as much as we were getting bumped around before you got your shot, they're going to take off and be on the road, running around, having the time of their life before their pre-conditioned to write music. And then when they come back and slow down, they're not going to be able to write a hit record to save their life."

50 also touched on the things he's been working on outside of television production. This led him to disclose that his mentor, Eminem, is working on another album on which he might be featured. 

"I got another record from Em, he sent me for his new album," 50 said at the seven-minute mark. He even confirmed a song in the works with Ozuna.

This isn't the first time 50 has hinted at Eminem's new project. He also told The Real 92.3 that Em is "working now."

"He got some things man," 50 said at around the interview's 29-minute mark. "Still the highest-selling rap artist in the world. We’re doing it now."