While tons of fans use direct messages to get free tickets or a jumpstart their music careers, one woman decided to ask Trey Songz to help her with something way more important. 

This weekend, an unidentified fan asked the singer if he would send her son some diapers. Normally DMing a celebrity is a shot in the dark because it's hard for them to filter through the all messages they receive. But in this case, Trigga not only saw her request, but he also promised he'd send her some Pampers. A few days later, Songz proved to be a man of his word as multiple boxes of diapers arrived at her house.

It's highly unlikely Trey Songz will be spending his time buying babies diapers. Instead, this lucky fan probably caught the singer at the right time with a request that tugs at his heartstrings.

Like the fan, Songz is also a new parent. In May, the 34-year-old announced he is the father of a newborn son named Noah. While there is speculation as to whom he shares the child with, Songz has not confirmed her identity. He even went as far as to tell a fan asking about Noah's mother to "mind ya fuckin' business." Through his Instagram posts, he did reveal Noah was born on April 20 of this year.