50 Cent took a break from his usual trolling antics on Instagram to stop by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The Power producer spoke about what it feels like to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and how he took a photo of himself enjoying a bubble bath, but he also revealed how his custom Lamborghini was stolen by a fellow rapper. 

"I had to get them to make the car Versace," he said when the Lambo was brought up at the 3:20 mark of the interview. When the subject of the car going missing was mentioned, Fiff added, "I was performing at the Barclays, and Snoop Dogg was there, and he was like, 'If you need me to come on I'll come on.'" They performed their 2003 collaboration "P.I.M.P" together, but when he came off the stage he discovered that the car was gone.

"He went, walked by the car, saw the car, and... I don't know if it was jealous feelings or something, but he went to the car and got in the car because the keys are in there," he continued. "Because you park inside the Barclays, and the guy that's supposed to be the valet park, I said, 'Where did the car go?' And he said, 'Snoop took the car.' I said, 'What?! How do you just let him take my car?'" 

Explaining why the situation went down the way it did, 50 suggested that Snoop's near-constant use of weed might have had an impact. "I think he thought that was his car for a minute," he joked. "But later he made a tape saying that I owe him for the performance, because he feel like, 'You got me performing for free and you got cars like this out here in the middle...' He thought I tricked him into a performance, but he offered to perform."

Back in June, Snoop shared a video in which he turned the tables on 50 Cent, who frequently says he's owed money by others in the music industry. "50 Cent! I rapped on stage tonight with 50 Cent. I did 'P.I.M.P.' and he didn’t give me no money," Snoop said in the video. "So I guess I'm gonna take his car and we gonna call it even. I need my money cuz. Matter of fact, I don't even want the money. I just want to drive this pretty muthafucka."