The inevitable Lil Nas X and Lil Uzi Vert collab, which recent exchanges have very strongly suggested would be an update to X's 7 cut "Panini," is still in desperate need of actually happening.

Wednesday, X troll-ishly pointed out just how dire this need is.

On a recent Instagram post from noted Heaven's Gate annoyer and Eternal Atake long-game player Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Nas X joked that Uzi needs to hop on the Nirvana-interpolating single or he will "push my grandma down."

Image via Instagram/Reddit

At the top of the month, Uzi denied having previously left a message from X on read, adding that he is indeed open to a "Panini" session. Unfortunately, this particular update came via a TMZ-published bothering, but that'll have to do for now.

"If he want me to do it, OK," he said. "I never met him, but I'll meet him. I can't wait."

While the always welcome presence of Uzi was not found on X's inaugural EP 7, the eight-track release does include link-ups with Cardi B and Travis Barker.

X's breakthrough hit "Old Town Road," meanwhile, continues its all-time-longest stretch at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and recently received updated editions from RM from BTS and Lil Wayne.

As for the status of Eternal Atake, that remains an ever-increasing mystery as we move toward the end of summer. Still, it's worth pointing out that Uzi shouted out Roc Nation back in June and just last month released a Blade-inspired video for the presumed one-off single "Sanguine Paradise."