Lil Nas X's unstoppable hit "Old Town Road," which is now the longest running No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 ever, has had its fair share of remixes. There's already been four official remixes of the track, most recently with RM of BTS' "Seoul Town Road" version, but there's also a bunch of unreleased remixes that might never see the light of day. It's already been reported that Lil Wayne recorded a remix of the song, and now he's shared what it sounds like with his performance at Lollapalooza.

Weezy previously expressed his doubts if the remix was ever going to be released officially, but that hasn't stopped him from performing it. His remix surfaced online recently, but Lil Nas X promised fans that the RM remix would be the "last one." Considering the song continues to smash records, it remains to be seen whether that's actually the case.

While his contribution to the song is pretty short, he undoubtedly brings his distinctive style to it. "They sent it to me and I did it as an official remix," Lil Wayne explained last month to XXL. "I'm not sure if they was gonna use it."

There might not be anymore official remixes of "Old Town Road" in the future, but Lil Nas X has toyed around with the idea of a "Panini" remix.