Lil Uzi Vert wants everyone to know he didn't dismiss Lil Nas X.

Earlier this week, the "Old Town Road" artist shared a screenshot of a DM he had sent Uzi, in which requested his assistance on a remix.

"Hop on Panini," Lil Nas X wrote, referring to his second single.

Uzi's response? Well, he didn't give one, though the screenshot indicated he had read the DM.

Many people were convinced Uzi was ignoring Lil Nas X and had no interest in a collaboration; however, Uzi insists that wasn't the case.

"I didn't leave him on read," Uzi told TMZ on Thursday, just hours after he celebrated his 25th birthday. "I liked [the message], I sent a heart to Lil Nas X."

The cameraman then asked Uzi if he was open to the "Panini" remix. Uzi responded in the affirmative.

"If he want me to do it, OK," he said. "I never met him, but I'll meet him. I can't wait."

Neither can we, especially if the meeting will result in a joint record. 

You can check out Uzi's comments in the video above as we wait for further developments.