Future has encountered some paternity issues after a Florida woman named Eliza Seraphin, better known as model Eliza Reign, claims the rapper fathered her four-month-old daughter. 

According to TMZ, Reign has reportedly filed a paternity suit against Future requesting retroactive child support as well as other medical expenses she paid during her pregnancy. At the time Reign was pregnant, Future had fathered five children by five different women. She was also with child the same time Joie Chavis was pregnant with Future's son, Hendrix. This would make Reign's daughter Future's seventh child if paternity is proven. 

Reign announced her pregnancy in Nov. 2018. At the time, she claimed that the rapper was her child's father. She also said Future was putting her through unnecessary "stress" and "mental abuse" regarding the child.

In a recent Instagram story, Reign details how their two-year on-and-off relationship led her to take legal action.

"[Future] came back around. We got cool. Hashed out the past. He made promises. Then disappeared again," her post reads. "I'm not running no n***a down to do what he's supposed to do. So I finally decided to let the courts chase him instead."

"[To be honest]—I really think he did this and forced my hand to make me look bad like I planned this the whole time," Reign continued. "I tried so many times to make things work with him for the sake of lil mama. I didn't want to get the courts involved. I've never been into that."

Reign continued her social media attack against Future by responding to a fan's comment asking for the rapper's number. "1-800-Deadbeat," Reign joked.