All the extracurricular activities that happen at a music festival can lead to the crowd getting a little out of hand. But fans at this year's Lollapalooza have taken things to an unprecedented level.

Unless you're related to Oscar the Grouch or a nerd in an '80s sitcom, it makes no sense for a person to be inside of a trash can. Yet common knowledge went out the window when Lolla 2019 attendees decided it would be a good idea to climb inside some large bins and crowd surf through the audience. 

In an attempt to apply logic to the situation, several theories have developed as to why these people decided to put their bare skin on the inside of a public trash can. The one that stuck is that this was an attempt at trying to see the performer. An obscene amount of people have crammed into Chicago's Grant Park for the festival.

So these kids might have come up with an innovative way to see over all the heads. Or people could be giving them too much credit and it was a half-baked idea that ended up working out. Except for the guy who got totally dumped out on the ground.

This is only one of the wild things that happened at Lollapalooza so far. While most in attendance bought their tickets through various avenues, there are some who either waited too long or just didn't want to spend the bread. This led to a video showing dozens of people running full speed to scale the barricade before police saw them. 

On the actual performance front, fans got to see surprise appearances from Chance the Rapper during Death Cab for Cutie's set and Childish Gambino during 21 Savage's slot.