On the same day that he broke up with his girlfriend/baby mama/longtime fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom, DMX apparently got second thoughts and decided to get down on a knee and propose to her. 

TMZ notes that the proposal happened at the birthday party of their three-year-old son, Exodus. While Sky Zone is traditionally known more for its trampolines and foam pits than its romance, the proposal took place there. Lindstrom said "yes" in front of a gathering of family and friends after the 48-year-old rapper got down on a knee and busted out a new ring.

The two have reportedly been in a relationship for eight years and, prior to their brief breakup that's a relative blink of an eye in comparison, they've been engaged for almost half that time.

No word yet on if this proposal volume II will be the impetus for a wedding but if/when it is, that seems like the type of thing we'll cover. So stay tuned on that front and, in the meantime, check out the clip of the proposal up top.

In other news, the rapper was cleared in a case that involved what was thought to be a stolen Corvette. It all started after a valet accidentally gave DMX and his entourage the keys to the wrong car as they were leaving a restaurant in Hollywood. DMX's crew didn't realize that it was a different vehicle and drove off. The mix-up was eventually solved after the owner of the car notified police.