DMX Has Been Released From Prison

DMX's release is expected to be followed with new music and a possible biopic.


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DMX is free.

Per a Friday morning report from TMZ, DMX has been released from the Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia. Now, DMX will begin paying a $2.3 million restitution due to his tax evasion guilty plea. Following his release, X and his family reportedly stopped off for a reunion breakfast:

The Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood crafter began his sentence in January 2018 after "failing to comply with conditions of his bail" in connection with the plea. "I'm saddened and disappointed," his attorney Murray Richman said at the time. "We'll have to deal with it accordingly."

It was previously reported that DMX wanted to release new music once he was released from prison. X's most recent full-length studio album was 2012's Undisputed. In December, fans were also gifted with reports that DMX has supposedly been fielding movie offers—including, at least reportedly, a potential biopic—while at Gilmer.

Back in October, frequent collaborator Swizz Beatz said some extremely true things about DMX's legacy, which he rightfully argued is often unfairly overlooked. "When I see people mention greatest of all-time, I see they like to leave out DMX and they like to leave out Ruff Ryders a lot," he toldBillboard at the time during a chat about his new album Poison. "Like, we came in and disrupted. People still haven't mimicked a movement that we started. It was short lived due to how aggressive my family was, but we set the tone that nobody has been able to fulfill."

DMX's release from prison will be celebrated with an official Welcome Home Party at the Lotus Lounge in West Haven, Connecticut. The throwdown takes place Feb. 8. Tickets are available now for anyone 21 years of age and older.

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