During an interview with Real 92.3, Blueface claimed that he slept with 1,000 over the past six months. "I'm a fucker," he said to laughs in the studio. In a second interview with Big Boy, Blueface added that he's at "probably like 1,010 now." But now he's said he was being humble with his estimate, revealing that it's actually a lot higher than he previously indicated.

"Is it more than a thousand, were you being humble?" he was asked. "Might have been a little humble, you know," he replied. "They said the average was five a day." Asked about "the real number" of women he's slept with since his rise to fame, he said, "10,000, fuck it. 10,000!" Going by that math, if he's still talking about how many women he's been with in the past six months, that would mean that he's slept with roughly 55 women a day. 

Obviously he's having a lot of fun with everyone's reactions to his claim that he's been with over 1,000 women. The first time around he made sure to clarify that he would often sleep with multiple women at the same time. "It's like sometimes it might be a threesome, it might be a foursome. I done had a fivesome," he previously explained. "Me and four girls...it was pretty hard." From this new figure, however, he'd have to be having at least one orgy everyday just for efficiency reasons.