R. Kelly's attorney Nicole Blank Becker informed TMZ that the singer admitted during a recent visit in federal prison to being content in solitary confinement over general population as he believes his life would be in danger if he was in the latter. Becker says Kelly is fearful of retaliation from inmates over the accusations which have landed him behind bars.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Kelly would be held without bail as he awaits his next hearing in Illinois on September 4. 

Prior to the judge's ruling, federal prosecutors called Kelly a “danger to the community, especially to minor girls” in their argument over why the singer should not be released from custody. Prosecutors asserted that house arrest wasn't a feasible resolution for the singer, stating, “The defendant can entice girls to his own doorstep, he doesn't have to leave his home to do that.”

While Kelly feels he is better off in solitary, Becker acknowledges that this option comes with some limitations. He is allotted only 15 minutes a month to speak with his family and friends on the phone, as opposed to those in general population who are given much more phone access.

Kelly's inability to read and write presents its own set of problems, including a difficulty in reading the items off the commissary list. 

Kelly is facing 18 counts for a slew of serious alleged sexual crimes against 10 victims. He was arrested last week outside of his Trump Tower apartment in Chicago on a 13-count indictment which includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor, and obstruction of justice.