The Twitter championing of an up-and-coming beatmaker's creative prowess has resulted in a personal invitation from Meek Mill to collaborate.

After a video showing @DJTRACKADDICT in action started making the rounds, Meek was alerted to the talent, initially asking fans to help link him up with the producer.

From there, the originator identified himself with a quick "I'm right here g!"

Meek later told @DJTRACKADDICT to join him in the studio to whip up more beats of this quality. Within hours, Meek confirmed that he was actively "fucking this beat up" with a track tentatively titled "#FreeMeek." He even shared some possible lyrics.

And here's a snippet of Meek rapping over the beat.

Earlier this week, Meek sat down with Gayle King for a two-part interview on his continued efforts in support of criminal justice reform.

"I'm speaking for the people who are actually caught up in these situations...People in this world make mistakes," Meek said, noting that his efforts are aimed at doing something meaningful "for the people who come from where I come from."

Meek and his legal team are currently working to have his 2008 conviction overturned, based largely on the credibility issues of the officer who testified against him, Reginald Graham. Tuesday, REFORM Alliance CEO Van Jones told reporters he believes a decision "that will right an injustice that has been on the books and ruining Meek's life "will be announced in three to six weeks. 

Speaking of REFORM, Meek, Jones, and Michael Rubin have recruited Laura Arnold to join the group's founding partners, after the billionaire philanthropist made a multimillion-dollar contribution to the organization.

“America needs bold, visionary, systemic change to its criminal justice system,” she said in a statement. “The kind of change that doesn’t settle for tweaks to the status quo, but asks instead how we would design our system if we had the chance to do it over, in the smartest and fairest ways possible. REFORM shares this vision, and is importantly led by people with diverse political perspectives and people with direct experience in the criminal justice system. Arnold Ventures is proud to support them.”