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With the release of Madden 20 right around the corner, EA Sports has decided to unveil the game's official soundtrack. 

Instead of regurgitating records to play in the background, the good people at EA decided to treat the Madden 20 soundtrack like an actual project. This led them to have artists create original tracks that complement the game for a release titled Madden Symphony. This 22-song project blends the nostalgic marching band instrumentals featured on older versions of the game with songs that celebrate Madden and football culture.

Madden Symphony includes a host of artists that—like the game—transcend generations. While it includes legendary acts like Snoop Dogg and De La Soul, recent XXL Freshman Rico Nasty makes an appearance. Other guests include Joey Badass, Denzel Curry, Tate Kobang, Dave East, Saweetie, Hit-Boy, and Sage the Gemini.

"I’m a lifelong fan of the Madden NFL franchise—I play all the time, with my kids and friends, so creating my own exclusive track for Madden NFL 20—literally called Madden 20—that everyone will be able to hear as they play was a dope feeling," Snoop Dogg said in a statement.

IDK then went into detail explaining how vivid memories of playing Madden inspired his track. "I wanted to reference Marshawn Lynch and his famous quote from 2015—'You know why I’m here'—so '24' is really my views on money and power," IDK said. "Madden has been a staple of the sports gaming community for years, and gamers really spend a lot of time on the game. Being able to have my song in the background as gamers play Franchise Mode, Ultimate Team, etc. is going to be a huge milestone for my career. Everyone plays Madden."

Madden Symphony is available to stream on Spotify and Madden 20 will hit shelves on Aug. 2.