Erykah Badu took to IG to say that she and comedian Rickey Smiley's mother have got into a fight more than once. Despite the post, it looks like Badu was just trolling. She also said her and Smiley used to date.

"This guy . I love . Period . But his mama won’t get out our business," Badu captioned a picture of herself and Smiley. "She was at my show in Dallas waiting back stage to fight me again. And I’m tired of it. SIS RELAX. We had 3 fights and I keep laying that ass down." Badu then went on to say that this latest altercation wasn't a clear victory.

"But this time that bitch got me... in the Jaw. I didn’t recognize her cause she was blending in with mary j blige dancers. Her body look young cause of crack," Badu continued. "I pressed charges and they let her right back out. Now every time I get to the last song on my set I start taking off my jewelry on stage. I got anxiety .I’m tired. Just ...tired. She still lift weights. Yes! in 2019. Ion give a DAMN! I swear I’m gone rock her ass if she square up on me again. Bout to see what this ho made of." Smiley responded to Badu with a post of his own stating: "I’m crying!!!!! My response to [Erykah Badu] will be posted at 7 pm!!!!! I’m gonna kill her ass."

Smiley later took to IG to offer up an interesting but confusing story that pretty much confirmed that the whole thing was a troll/inside joke. Check it out below.


OK so first of all let me just say that Erykah Badu mama is a wonderful woman who I love 💕 dearly. I go to pick her up at her job and take her 3 quarts of Gatorade because I know she be tired from pushing airplanes ✈️ back from the gate at the airport.... You know it’s really hot 🥵 in Dallas in the summertime☀️ …she go clock in every morning with two backpacks full of Capri Sun’s but she be done with them by 10am and it’s hard cuz she be really struggling tryna get them little straws in the lil holes (that take up time when she really spose to be on the clock)....but she be real thirsty😓 though.....I don’t want to see her get sick🤧 because i tried to get her to retire last year when she turned 98 but she said I’m still strong 💪🏾enough to set these planes on the runway and Southwest needs me. Then she put on some Timberlands (size 12 men’s) 🥾and went on back out there. She was stressed out when they took her off Medicaid because they said you only eligible for 50 years and she had got on it back in 1971 when she turned 65👵🏿They asked her her date of birth she said she don’t know the exact date but she know she a Capricorn..I had tried to get her on Obamacare but she said the paperwork was too hard. I really feel bad about sharing this, but she was just sweating so hard pushing a baby stroller 👶🏽full of a matter of fact, $2,875.00 worth (for her premium) and when she took the bag out a baby was up under there and she laid the baby on the floor....I told her I didn’t know it was a baby under there and I asked her why she did that and she said “Real babies git down on da flo’ on the flo’....” Bless her heart ❤️ she still grieving over Bushwick Bill passing....I asked her why she felt so close to Bushwick Bill and she just said... “This year Halloween fell on a weekend and me and Ghetto Boys are trick or treating’; robbing little kids for bags, and then an old man got behind our ass”. She says those lyrics inspired her and made her the person she ARE today. Then she just looked me in the eye and said...One thing about it though, “As sure as the sun rise in the east and the cheese melts to the bread; black beans and rice and (cont’d)

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