There's been a number of messy legal disputes in regards to Young Money, Cash Money, and its artists throughout the years. Although Birdman and Lil Wayne arrived at a settlement over Weezy's own unpaid royalties last year, there was still a court battle over who gets what cut of Drake's royalties. Drake had the majority of his releases arrive through Cash Money and Young Money, which led to the royalties dispute with Birdman and Aspire Music Group. Now The Blast reports that they've dropped the legal battle.

Aspire Music Group first filed a lawsuit against both Cash Money and Young Money, alleging owed royalties relating to Drake's 2008 contract. Cash Money and Young Money filed counterclaims against Aspire and Bryant in response. Drake's signing has been a contentious subject for many years, with multiple parties taking responsibility for giving him his big break. Aspire previously filed a since-discontinued lawsuit in 2017 against Cash Money over Drake royalties.

In court documents acquired by The Blast, Aspire Music Group, which was co-founded by Wayne's former manager Cortez Bryant, dropped its lawsuit against Cash Money Records, Birdman, and Universal Music. It's apparently a mutual agreement, as the other parties agreed to drop their claims against Aspire. It's not clear if an out-of-court agreement regarding royalties took place.

Earlier this year, Drake dropped two new songs through his company Frozen Moments; they were also his first solo records not released through Young Money or Cash Money. If he is indeed no longer signed to both labels, this would be a major shift for one of the biggest acts in music.