ASAP Rocky could be compensated for his time behind bars. 

According to TMZ, Swedish law permits a person to seek reimbursement for the money they lost during their time in jail if the defendant is found not guilty. This has been a point of contention in Rocky's case. Rocky's legal team has pleaded with the court to allow the rapper to be released on bail. The prosecution requested that Rocky be held for the required six weeks while they build their case because the rapper is a "flight risk."

Per Rocky's lawyers, holding him for this long will not only have a detrimental effect on his career but it will also severely hurt his pockets. But if things pan out for Rocky at trial, Sweden will have to pay him a hefty bag.

In the three weeks since his incarceration, Rocky has been forced to cancel 12 shows. He is also booked for seven more gigs through September. TMZ estimates that Rocky pulls in close to $100,000 per performance. If he's held for the full six weeks, Rocky could be owed more than $2 million from the Swedish government.

While this could bring hope to the situation, money doesn't fix everything. Following his arrest, Rocky's friends in hip-hop have been working tirelessly to bring attention to his situation. Eventually, Donald Trump got involved, claiming he would personally "vouch" for Rocky if he's granted bail.

Anderson .Paak responded to reports of the potential $2 million compensation, insisting it would not make up for the time Rocky has lost.

"[...] All that time that he's just sitting [behind bars], all that stuff you can't put a price on it—all that stuff he's missing out on with his fam," .Paak told TMZ

Despite the calls for Rocky's freedom, Sweden hasn't been swayed. During a phone call with the President, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven stated, "In Sweden, everyone is equal before the law and that the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings."

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