Meek Mill has been killing it since he's come home and it doesn't look like he plans on stopping. The indomitable Philly barker teamed up with Nav on the latter's Bad Habits to keep his hot streak going and the video for "Tap" lets everyone know that they are doing just fine. 

The pair go for that old music video stand-by of yacht parties, bringing plenty of friends and cash along for the ride. Keep an eye out for cameos courtesy of everyone from Gunna and Young Thug on down to 21 Savage, Rick Ross and Lil Pump. It's clear that everyone involved is having a good time and why wouldn't they be? They're hanging out on a giant boat to celebrate Nav's favorite track from his latest album. 

In an interview with Complex, Nav shared why he feels so connected to "Tap": it's mainly his love for Meek. Nav said that Meek Mill took care of him well before he was famous, letting him borrow a Maybach when they needed a car. 

"We needed a car and he gave us his Maybach, and I've never been in a Maybach. He gave us the Maybach and he said, 'We can't find the keys. The key's been lost for weeks in the car. But you could just press start and it'll work.' That line is a fact," he said. "And 'he first one to show me love' is really back when I was coming up, before Cash had even met me. [Meek] was posting pictures on Instagram with lines from my songs."

Of course, for someone who gets mad when the paparazzi doesn't show up, the fact that the song gets a reaction definitely helps.

"The song is my favorite because it's obviously a hit," he added. "It’s getting one of the biggest receptions."

Take a look at the video up top.