With Chris Brown’s track "No Guidance" debuting at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, Drake inches closer to proving that his claim of having "more slaps than The Beatles" is factually true. "No Guidance" becomes Drake's 34th top 10 song on the Hot 100, tying him for the second-most ever with The Beatles. 

Madonna leads the pack in this category with 38. While the total number of top 10 appearances by her and The Beatles solely account for instances where they had lead credit, the Drake-assisted "No Guidance" represents his 12th top 10 as a featured artist. 

What makes Drake’s ascension up the ranks of the top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100 even more impressive is that he has managed to pull off this feat in less than a full decade. It took Madonna 16 years, seven months, and two weeks to make her 34th top 10 Billboard appearance. 

Meanwhile, The Beatles amassed their first 32 top 10s in only six years, four months, and a week before breaking up in 1970. It took the band 31 years and 11 months to get their 34th top 10. 

Drake’s latest top 10 appearance also extends his record for debuts on the Hot 100 with "No Guidance" becoming his 19th time. He also tacks on another number to his top 40 Hot 100 hit, which now stands at 96, well in front of Lil Wayne and Elvis Presley, who each have 81.